We are able to assist franchisees in the following franchise related matters:

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Entering into a franchise relationship

We provide personalised, practical and industry relevant advice about the proposed franchise agreement, disclosure document, and if applicable, any ancillary documents such as a lease, hirer and/or licence arrangement.

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Sale or purchase of a franchise business

We can advise you with respect to the parallel transactions taking place during the sale or purchase of a franchise including the rights and obligations contained in your Franchise Agreement and preparation or review of the sale of business contract.



We are able to assist you in all manners of disputes. Our approach to disputes is commercial and we are able to table a variety of solutions based on the circumstances of the dispute. In 90% of all disputes we have been able to achieve practical commercial solutions for our client.

Adding Ease To Your Franchising Needs

We Provide a Clear And Reliable Path To Provide You With Genuine Service:

1. Identify the task at hand

We carefully scope the work required based on your instructions and together with you, we determine a solution.


2. Implement solution

We outline what will be required on our part to assist you in implementing the solution.


3. Fix the fee

Once carefully scoped we propose a price to you for implementing the solution.


4. Service as promised

We stick to our price- as long as we stick to the scope of work agreed.