We are able to assist franchisors and potential franchisors in the following areas:


Assessment of sustainability to franchise

We can assist you to assess your business and determine if franchising is the appropriate distribution channel for you. If necessary we can assist you to take the steps to be franchise ready

FE-icon-circles_Prep documents

Preparation of franchise documentation

We can assist you with the compilation of your disclosure document, franchise agreement, and any relevant ancillary documents.


In-house and/or on-going legal compliance

We can assist you to comply with the legislative requirements for franchisors under the franchising code of conduct and other relevant legislation.


Signing up franchises to your network

We navigate the adaptation of your disclosure document, franchise agreement and ancillary documents for entry into a franchise agreement between you and a franchisee.

FE-icon-circles_3rd line forcing notification

3rd line forcing notifications

Upon assessment, if we determine that your proposed franchise model requires a notification to the ACCC, we can prepare and file the notification with the ACCC.



Our approach to disputes is commercial and we table a variety of solutions based on the circumstances of the dispute. In 90% of all disputes we have been able to achieve practical commercial solutions for our client.